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With a diverse culture, Canada is a fantastic place to live, work, and study. Its diverse, robust, and growing economy is creating many opportunities for individuals who have the skills and educational background that Canada needs. Canada’s immigration goal is to continuously increase immigration levels to strengthen the economy.

Canada is home to a wide range of opportunities and industries, including technology, agriculture, construction, forestry, education, health, and manufacturing.

Canadian universities are consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. International students studying at colleges, universities, English schools, and high schools in Canada are guaranteed to have a unique experience, full of exciting opportunities and unforgettable moments.

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About us

BFF Canada is a Vancouver-based company specializing in study planning, visa, and immigration procedures. Our consultants have assisted hundreds of clients and international students in coming to Canada.

We help you turn your dreams into reality, whether it’s studying or deciding to live permanently in the country. We have excellent professionals who will support you at every stage, from admission to the visa process.

Deciding to immigrate is a significant step in the lives of those who pursue this dream. Ensuring the success of this process is crucial for those looking to apply. With a strong reputation for the highest quality service, BFF Canada is capable of meeting all your education and immigration needs. Our highly qualified professionals are available to assess your immigration eligibility and guide you throughout the immigration process.

Additionally, we offer visa services for study permits, work permits, business, tourism, and more. Let us help you turn your dream into reality.

Meet Our CEO - Daniely Ramos

Daniely is a highly experienced educational consultant with a background in business administration and finance. She arrived in Canada in 2017 and has worked extensively in the education exchange field in Vancouver. Daniely’s expertise extends to educational planning for those who wish to make Canada their home. 

Why BFF Canada?

Because we care. We don’t just offer exchange programs; we consider your plan to immigrate to Canada as a comprehensive journey. In a highly personalized manner, entirely centered on your goals, we concentrate on what will enhance the likelihood of your plan succeeding. We are genuinely interested in your aspirations and challenges. Being immigrants ourselves, we understand that these challenges are substantial and involve many intricate details.

Reach out to us and share a bit about your goals and what kind of guidance and support you seek for living in Canada. You can send an email to

Our services

Educational Consulting

Students from all around the world dream of studying at colleges in Canada. Approximately 70% of international students in Canada aspire to remain in the country after their graduation. Studying in Canada opens doors to immigration and represents a valuable investment. It provides a return in terms of quality of life, knowledge, international experience, and the opportunity to reside in a first-world country. We can also assist you in finding newcomer services and accommodation. There is no age limit for studying in Canada, and we have numerous mature clients who are pursuing their studies here and charting their path to immigration. Many of them have brought their partners and children along.

Discover where it all begins and outline your plan. BFF Canada has agreements with numerous Canadian universities and colleges to ensure your successful admission.

Immigration Consulting

If you wish to come to Canada through one of the country’s many immigration programs, we can help you. There are more than 80 ways to immigrate to Canada, and the country needs highly qualified professionals. Our three registered consultants will assess your profile during the consultation and carry out your entire application process, regardless of the path that is ideal for you.

Our consultants are registered members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

We assist with permanent resident applications, Express Entry, Family Sponsorship, LMIA, Citizenship, Immigration Consultation, Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), Supervisa, and more.